Ab?ut U?

W? at WP Fixerr. We l?v?d the w?b, w? loved WordPress, ?nd we w?rk?d h?rd t? ?r??t? ?it?? for the companies who hired u?.

But website d?v?l??m?nt has l?t? of diff?r?nt aspects. We h?ndl?d things lik? design, m?rk?ting and ?r?j??t m?n?g?m?nt b???u?? it w?? ??rt ?f th? j?b. But it w??n?t necessarily th? ??rt th?t made u? happy.

Aft?r th??? sites w?r? u? ?nd running, we provided ?ng?ing maintenance ?nd support t? our WordPress ?li?nt?. W? answered their questions. We ??lv?d th?ir ?r?bl?m?. We r????r?h?d ???k? t??hni??l i??u?? ?nd found good w?rk?bl? ??luti?n?.

WordPress ?l?? ?ll?w? th? user t? have a tr?? ?f W?rdPr??? r?l?t?d fil?? that will configure the back-end of th? ?ubli?l? di??l???d bl?g whil? it allows th? u??r to d?fin? a Univ?r??l Time C??rdin?ti?n th?t will allow the w?bl?g to di??l?? the ??rr??t time ????rding t? the ??untr? the vi?w?r of th? blog i? located. With this ????i?l feature, it will m?k? n? diff?r?n?? wh?th?r th? ?r??t?r ?f th? bl?g ?nd th? vi?w?r ?r? in th? ??m? country or tim? zone or not.

?We did ?ur share ?f hand-holding f?r di?tr?ught ?li?nt? who h?d tried ?nd tri?d but couldn?t ??hi?v? wh?t th?? w?nt?d. And w? r??liz?d something kind ?f funny. Thi? was th? ?tuff that m?d? u? h????.

Wh?n ?ubli?hing thing? ?n the int?rn?t, wh?th?r it i? a ??mm?r?i?l site ?r a public service ?n? ?r ?v?n if it i? blog, there will b? ?h?ll?ng?? to be sorted out ?nd m?t. Th? idea bend W?rdPr??? i? to ?r?vid? a fun?ti?n?l flexible ?ubli?hing ?l?tf?rm f?r ?ll th? ????ibl? needs ?nd uses for online writ?r? th?t have ?ith?r blogs or w?b?it??, r?g?rdl??? if th??? w?b?it?? ?r? commercial or ?riv?t?.

?One ?f th? most ???ul?r f??tur?? ?b?ut W?rdPr??? is th? ????ibilit? t? ?u?t?miz? ?n?thing ?ubli?h?d with options for the viewers th?t will ?n?bl? th?m to receive updates, ???t?, categories, comments and mu?h more. It is a wide known fact th?t the m?r? ??ti?n? a vi?w?r has, ????i?ll? t? k??? tr??k ?f a ??rti?ul?r ???ti?n ?f a w?b?it? ?r a weblog th? ???i?r it will b? f?r th? ?wn?r ?r master t? keep ??r??ding and ?dv?rti?ing hi? ?r h?r w?b?it? ?r bl?g.

?W? ?ff?r our services t? ?ll ?iz? businesses including l?rg? enterprises where security and w?b?it??? speed ?r? ?f gr??t im??rt?n??. Our various m?d?l? enable ??u t? hir? th? b??t WordPress d?v?l???r? ?t v?r? affordable rates. Hire WP Fixer t? d?v?l?? ?u?t?miz?d plugins, analysis ?r optimization and you are assured to h?v? th? b??t IT ??luti?n? m??ting international ?t?nd?rd?.

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