Terms & Conditions

W? run a WP Support System ?nd w?rd ?r??? ?l?tf?rm ??ll?d WP Fix?rr ?nd w?uld l?v? f?r ??u t? use it. Our ??rvi?? i? d??ign?d to giv? ??u ?? much control ?nd ownership ?v?r wh?t goes ?n ??ur w?b?it? as ????ibl? ?nd ?n??ur?g? you t? express ??ur??lf fr??l?. H?w?v?r, be r????n?ibl? in wh?t you ?ubli?h. In ??rti?ul?r, make ?ur? th?t n?n? of the ?r?hibit?d it?m? (like ???m, viruses, or serious thr??t? ?f vi?l?n??) ?????r ?n your w?b?it?.

W??v? m?d? th? below Terms ?f Service ?v?il?bl? und?r a C?mm?n? Sh?r??lik? li??n??, which means ??u?r? m?r? th?n welcome t? repurpose it f?r ??ur ?wn u??. Just m?k? sure t? r??l??? r?f?r?n??? to us with ?n?? t? you, ?nd if you don?t mind w??d ???r??i?t? a link to WP Fixerr somewhere ?n your w?b?it?.

Th? f?ll?wing t?rm? and conditions (?Terms?) govern ?ll use of th? WP Fix?rr w?b?it? ?nd all content, ??rvi??? ?nd ?r?du?t? ?v?il?bl? at ?r thr?ugh th? w?b?it?. Our Services ?r? ?ff?r?d subject to your ?????t?n?? with?ut m?difi??ti?n ?f ?ll ?f th? terms ?nd ??nditi?n? ??nt?in?d herein ?nd ?ll ?th?r operating rul??, ??li?i?? ?nd ?r???dur?? th?t m?? b? published from tim? to tim? b? Automattic (collectively, th? ?Agr??m?nt?). Y?u agree th?t we m?? ?ut?m?ti??ll? u?gr?d? ?ur S?rvi???, ?nd th??? T?rm? will apply t? ?n? upgrades.

Pl???? read thi? Agr??m?nt carefully before accessing ?r u?ing our S?rvi???. B? ??????ing or u?ing any ??rt of ?ur S?rvi???, ??u ?gr?? t? b???m? bound by the T?rm? ?f thi? Agr??m?nt. If you d? not ?gr?? t? all the T?rm? of thi? Agr??m?nt, then you m?? not access ?r use ?n? ?f ?ur S?rvi???. If th??? T?rm? ?r? ??n?id?r?d ?n offer b? Automattic, acceptance is expressly limit?d t? th??? Terms.

U?? of ?ur S?rvi??? r??uir?? a WP Fix?rr ????unt. Y?u agree t? ?r?vid? u? with ??m?l?t? and ???ur?t? inf?rm?ti?n wh?n ??u r?gi?t?r for ?n ????unt. Y?u will b? solely responsible ?nd li?bl? f?r any ??tivit? th?t ???ur? und?r ??ur username. You are responsible for keeping your ????w?rd secure.

  • If you ?r??t? a bl?g ?r website ?n WP Fix?rr, ??u are responsible f?r maintaining th? ???urit? ?f ??ur ????unt ?nd blog, ?nd ??u ?r? fully responsible f?r all activities th?t occur und?r th? ????unt ?nd ?n? ?th?r actions taken in connection with th? bl?g. You mu?t imm?di?t?l? n?tif? Aut?m?tti? ?f any unauthorized u??? ?f ??ur bl?g, ??ur ????unt, or ?n? ?th?r br???h?? ?f ???urit?. Automattic will n?t b? liable f?r any acts ?r ?mi??i?n? b? ??u, in?luding ?n? d?m?g?? ?f ?n? kind in?urr?d ?? a result ?f ?u?h ??t? ?r ?mi??i?n?.
  • Responsibility ?f C?ntribut?r?. If ??u ???r?t? a bl?g, ??mm?nt ?n a blog, ???t m?t?ri?l t? WP Fix?rr, ???t link? ?n WP Fix?rr, ?r ?th?rwi?? m?k? (?r ?ll?w ?n? third ??rt? t? m?k?) m?t?ri?l ?v?il?bl? (?n? such material, ?Content?), you ?r? entirely r????n?ibl? f?r the content of, and ?n? h?rm r??ulting from, th?t C?nt?nt or ??ur ??ndu?t. That i? the case regardless ?f wh?t form the Content takes, whi?h includes, but i? n?t limited to text, ?h?t?, video, ?udi? ?r code. B? using WP Fix?rr, ??u represent ?nd warrant that ??ur C?nt?nt and ??ndu?t do n?t vi?l?t? these Terms or the U??r Guid?lin??. B? submitting C?nt?nt t? Automattic f?r in?lu?i?n ?n ??ur website, you grant Automattic a w?rld-wid?, royalty-free, and n?n-?x?lu?iv? li??n?? to reproduce, modify, adapt ?nd publish the C?nt?nt solely f?r th? ?ur???? ?f di??l??ing, distributing, ?nd ?r?m?ting your bl?g. This li??n?? ?ll?w? Automattic t? make ?ubli?l?-???t?d ??nt?nt ?v?il?bl? t? third parties ??l??t?d b? Automattic (through th? Aut?m?tti? Fir?h???, f?r ?x?m?l?) ?? th?t th??? third ??rti?? ??n ?n?l?z? ?nd distribute (but n?t ?ubli?l? di??l??) ??ur ??nt?nt through their ??rvi???. You ?l?? giv? ?th?r WP Fix?r u??r? ??rmi??i?n t? share ??ur Content on ?th?r WordPress w?b?it?? ?nd ?dd th?ir own Content to it (aka t? r?bl?g ??ur C?nt?nt), ?? l?ng as th?? u?? ?nl? a ??rti?n ?f your ???t ?nd th?? giv? you credit ?? th? ?rigin?l ?uth?r b? linking back t? your w?b?it?
  • W?b Tr?ffi?. W? u?? a third ??rt? t? measure WP Fixerr?s ?udi?n?? and u??g?. B? h??ting ??ur site ?n WP Fix?rr, ??u agree t? ???ign the traffic r?l?ting to ??ur w?b?it? t? Aut?m?tti? ?nd authorize u? t? sign a Traffic A??ignm?nt L?tt?r ?n ??ur b?h?lf f?r ??mS??r? ?udi?n?? m???ur?m?nt r???rt?. Y?ur website?s traffic will b? included und?r Aut?m?tti?. Y?u und?r?t?nd th?t your website will n?t r???iv? credit for traffic in th??? r???rt?, ?nd ??u must not ???ign your w?b?it??? traffic t? ?n? other ??rt?. If we or ??mS??r? r??uir? additional d??um?nt?ti?n t? v?rif? ownership ?f ??ur w?b?it? ?r d?m?in n?m?, ??u ?gr?? to make r????n?bl? ?ff?rt? t? ????mm?d?t? ?u?h r??u??t?.
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