Didn’t saw your WordPress dashboard or your login page or is there anything that keeps you from logging into WordPress and getting to your site? Well, WordPress is a very powerful platform and with over 75 million active websites today, 35% of the web is powered by WordPress. It’s an Ideal Platform for any type of website although login errors can occur sometimes and these issues are far more serious than other WordPress issues. Login issue is the most common issue faced by users with WordPress due to several reasons. There can be various reason behind if your WordPress Login is not Working.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most commonly experienced login issues and their possible causes and how to fix those.

Let’s begin!


If you are having a habit of changing your passcode regularly for more site security then what sometimes happens is we forget or lose track of our current password.?


1. Click on ‘Lost your password’, if you forgot or lost your password you can easily recover and it is a built-in feature to help you reset your password as shown in the image below:


After clicking on this, you will be redirected to a different page where you need to enter your username or email and after that, you will receive an email with instructions and a URL? and you can generate a new password as shown in the figure below.

lost-your-passwordIf this trick failed then just don’t worry, there are two other methods that you can try.

2. You can update your password directly in the WordPress database and you will usually have access to phpMyAdmin if your site is hosted on a Linux server. You need to create a complete backup before using the WordPress database. Then

  • You do need to launch phpMyAdmin, locate your WordPress site’s database, and locate the wp_users table and select it.
  • Locate the username in the user_login column that needs WordPress access restored and select the Edit button.
  • Edit the user_pass field and Change the function to MD5 and then type a new password.
  • Save these changes.

php-admin-loginIf still, it doesn’t work then try this for login to your site!

3. Access the WordPress admin panel and check whether if any of your devices are still logged in and then from that access the admin panel and save these changes.


It is possible for the plugins to interfere with one another or themes can also result in various errors. These can throw conflicts at the server level that deny your access to WordPress for example, If you run into 500 Internal server error then Plugins and themes can be considered as the culprits.


1. Plugins Conflict:

If the conflict is being caused by a plugin then you need to deactivate all of your plugins or you can temporarily rename the plugins folder.


Now to find the error, you need to reactivate the first plugin and in case if you still have access, then it’s not causing any conflict. Again Deactivate it and proceed to the next one and go on like this until you lose access to WordPress, and you’ve found the one which is causing issues. Delete that plugin immediately from the wp-content folder and then again login to WordPress.

2. Theme Conflict:

You need to deactivate your current theme and activate the default WordPress theme like Twenty-seventeen. You can do this either by using FTP Client or WordPress dashboard. You can know if your current theme was causing the issue if your login page works after this.

CORRUPTED wp-login.php FILE

Again you encounter a server error, this might because of corrupted wp-login.php File which results in restricting access to the login screen. You need to delete and reload this file.


  • Create a backup for your WordPress files first and then again download WordPress and install it.
  • Go to your home directory and locate the wp-login.php file with FTP client if that currently exists and deletes it. Then copy the wp-login.php file in place of the deleted file.
  • Now upload the newly installed? wp-login.php to the server.
  • If it still does not work then open wp-login.php and look for this line of code: $user_login = $user_data[“user_login”]; and replace with:$user_login = $user_data->user_login;


Let’s move further to other possible WordPress login issues!


Firstly let’s understand what Cookies are! They are a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer while the user is browsing by the user’s web browser and various essential functions are performed by them.WordPress needs to use cookies during the login process and WordPress login can?t occur if the cookies are not enabled and this has nothing to do with WordPress but with your browser settings. If you receive an error like, cookies are blocked, while logging in to WordPress then you possibly need to fix your browser’s settings.


  • Go to your browser’s content settings.

  • Now clear your browsing data


Now you can log in to WordPress as the Cookies and Cache is clear.


When you try to install something on your site that is just too large for your server to process then usually an insufficient memory error. In this case, you have an idea about what the problem might be. You can remove some heavy files in order to make some space for new downloads which can work for smaller downloads and if capacity is bigger then you need to increase the memory limit.


  • Open your wp-config.php file in the WordPress root directory and search if WP_MEMORY_LIMIT exists or you can create a blank text file named php.ini.
  • Now define memory limit and Paste this code in there: memory=96MB(you can increase memory limit up to 250)


  • Save the file
  • Open your root directory and Upload this file to your /wp-admin/ folder using FTP.
  • The original file is replaced and now you need to Refresh your FTP client and your website.


WordPress login issue can be the cause of your frustration and might consume your hours troubleshooting it. Just don’t panic and always remember to have a backup of your website and be prepared for everything because these issues can occur anytime and anywhere. We have mentioned the five most common WordPress login issues and their possible solutions in this article and we hope this article has helped you fix the WordPress login issues you are facing. In case of any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always here to help you out with any WordPress issue.

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